Proceed With Caution If You Take Steroids

Steroids and Why Caution is so Critical

In spite of the fact that steroids are all natural substances, they still have varying effects on the body. Their main use is for health care. They help to reduce inflammation as well as other types of symptoms of disease.

The number of deaths of asthmatics has been lowered due to steroid inhalers. Those suffering with painful joints and damaged ligaments can find relief in local steroid injections. Steroid creams can help treat eczema and various other skin conditions. Steroids are able to affect the entire immune system causing it to become less active, and this can be quite useful in treating illnesses where an immune component exists (which is many). So when it comes to treating inflammation steroids are king.

When steroids are put into medicine they carry some serious side effects on the body. This is the reason they should always be used sparingly in prepared creams or sprays, so only the proper dosage is taken in and the bloodstream is not flooded with them.

Even when applied to the skin in a cream form, steroids can cause a thinning and weakening of the skin. They also cause the calcium in the bones to leak making the bones weak and brittle leading to fractures.

People on steroids tend to gain weight (which is why certain athletes use them) because they make people feel hungry. They also cause a rise in blood sugar. There is a typical result of steroids known as a 'moon face' where the face swells and looks round. They can also lead to the development of diabetes.

While there is the effect of dbol steroids mentioned above, where they are effective in certain situations for lessening the activity of the immune system making treatments more effective, this is not always so. Everybody needs to have an aggressive immune system for fighting off infection and even cancer. Steroids knock down that ability. When people are taking high levels of steroids they are at risk of cancers of all kinds and chest infections.

Brains Cancer
Most sports fans remember people like Lyle Alzado, who abused steroids and paid the ultimate price. Steroids do affect the brain. What makes them so attractive to some people is that when they take high doses they begin to feel euphoric and happy. They like that feeling and continue to chase it at their own peril. They ignore the fact the they will experience side effets like sleep disturbance, paranoia, delusions, extremely aggressive behavior, and psychiatric disorders such as 'mania'.

Like most anything of value, steroids can also be misused. It's no different from driving a car, if you follow the rules your chances of getting hurt are small. However, if you drive recklessly, then watch out because it's just a matter of time before you go down.

Most people today take 'anabolic' steroids in order to grow muscles. Sadly, it only works if the level of steroids in the body are high. That comes with a guarantee of side effects. CAUTION is the best approach to anyone wanting or needing to take steroids for any reason.